About Us

Dream Vale Studios

We are an illustration studio focused on creating art for entertainment. We do Art Prints as well as other art services. These services include: board game art, card game art, book covers, and concept art. If you have any questions or business inquiries, email us at Durribie@gmail.com. We do our best to reply back within 24 hours!


The Artists


Arielle Shearer

Arielle is an artist that works in ink and markers with the occasional watercolor splash. She creates character focused artwork and the life’s they live. When she isn’t drawing, she either has her nose in a book, off playing video games or petting her cats.


 Ryan Cabral

Ryan is a digital artist who uses Photoshop to bend things to his will. His art contains a wide range of subjects from landscapes to characters to creatures. On his spare time he is either playing games, messing with his cats or sculpting a dragon in clay.